Getting to Fort Sill

Fort Sill is located in southwestern Oklahoma, in Comanche County, and between the cities of Lawton and Elgin, Oklahoma, to the north and south, with Altus and Duncan, Oklahoma to the east and west.

Coming to Fort Sill By Air

The Lawton Municipal Airport is the closest airport to post, at about 5 miles. The Lawton airport only allows service from Dallas on American Eagle commuter. Prices to travel into Lawton by air are typically $100 more than typical air travel and are difficult to get. The next closest airport is in Oklahoma City, at 83 miles, followed by Dallas/Ft. Worth, at 182 miles.

Drive away from the airport on King Road and at the stop sign will be 11th Street. Turn left, and follow 11th Street approximately 5 miles. 11th Street turns into Ft. Sill Boulevard. At Rogers Lane, turn left and follow it down one major street to Sheridan Road. Turn right on Sheridan to enter Ft. Sill through Sheridan Gate.

Exit the airport on Terminal Drive, turn right onto 54th Street. Take 54th Street to I-44 West toward Lawton. Follow I-44 for approximately 74 miles to exit 41 (Key Gate/Sheridan Road). This road runs all the way through post to the Sheridan gate.
Be aware, I-44 between Oklahoma City and Lawton is a toll road. Expect to pay two separate tolls each way. Keeping this in exact change will speed up your drive. If traveling outside of normal business hours, no debit or credit cards will be accepted, and the chance of getting change is unlikely.

Exit the airport on International Parkway, and get onto State Highway 114 West to Rhome, where you will pick up US-287 North. In Wichita Falls, US-287 will transition into 1-44 East. Follow this to exit 40A (Rogers Lane) in Lawton. Exit I-44 and turn left, to Sheridan Road, where you will turn right and go through Sheridan Gate. Be aware, I-44 between Wichita Falls and Lawton is a toll road. Expect to pay one toll each way. Keeping this in exact change will speed up your drive. If traveling outside of normal business hours, no debit or credit cards will be accepted, and the chance of getting change is unlikely.

Taxi Companies at Fort Sill

There are many cab companies in Lawton that are allowed to operate on Ft. Sill. Be sure to call the company and ask to verify that they can operate on post. The most often used ones are as follows:

  • Busy Bee Cab Co, 580.355.7777
  • Checker Cab Co, 580.355.5555
  • People’s Cab Co, 580.355.1706
  • Radio Cab, 580.355.2222
  • Safety Cab Co, 580.353.3000
  • Yellow Cab Co, 580.355.1440

The Lawton Public Transit Service bus will run from early morning until about 9 p.m. The bus will travel from the airport to Fort Sill, where you will need to transfer onto the ‘Orange Route’ bus system, which will take you on post to the guest house (Altman Hall). The cost for this trip is typically $1.50.

Take the Bus

Jefferson Bus Line has one bus that runs from Oklahoma City to Lawton. It picks up passengers on lines 801 and 802 daily. The Jefferson Bus Line picks up passengers at the Will Rogers Airport, and drops them off at 228 SW B Avenue in Lawton, which is about 9 miles from post. The cost for a one-way ticket is approximately $28 per adult.

The Airport Express operates using 7 to 9 passenger vans and requires at least 24 hours in advance reservations. The cost for traveling using this service is $132 one way. They will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at a specific location of your choice that you choose during reservation.

Greyhound Bus Line operates a bus service to Lawton, arriving at the same station as the Jefferson Bus Line. Prices range from $32 to $50 depending on the type of ticket for one person, one way, when traveling from Oklahoma City. From Dallas, prices range from $43 to $74 for one person, one way.

Getting Around Fort Sill

In order to get onto Ft. Sill, you and everyone in your party that is of-age (not young children, though it’s helpful) will need to have some form of identification: valid driver’s license, military dependent ID, state identification card or passport. The driver of the vehicle will need his or her license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. If riding a motorcycle, the rider will need a valid Motorcycle Foundation Safety card as well.

Note that unless your Soldier is with you or you have a dependent ID card, you will not be able to shop at the Post Exchange (PX), Commissary or any of the Shoppettes on post, nor will you be able to buy gas. You will, however, be able to eat at the food court in front of the PX or the Burger King off of Sheridan Road.

Traffic rules are strictly enforced when driving on a military installation. Note that 1-2 miles over the posted speed limit is considered speeding and you can be pulled over and fined. When in doubt, 25 MPH is typically a safe speed. All Army posts are also hands-free. No talking on cell phones without a bluetooth device and absolutely no texting. Restricted areas will be CLEARLY marked, and you need to stay out of them.

Reveille and Retreat are conducted every day, rain or shine. These are times of respect in which the flag is raised and lowered, and at the times of 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., the bugle calls can be heard across post. If you are driving, you are required to safely stop your car, get out, and place your hand over your heart as a sign of respect for the American Flag and the Soldiers that sacrificed their lives for it. Soldiers are required to salute during these times. Look around and turn in the direction of the music, or the post headquarters if you can see it. If you are walking outside during this time, the same respect is expected to be rendered.

Gate Hours:
Key Gate East: Open 24/7
Bentley Gate (Sheridan Road): Open 24/7

Visitors (unregistered vehicles) have to enter Ft. Sill through Sheridan Gate, which is on Rogers Lane (Hwy 62) and Sheridan Road or through Key Gate, which is off of Interstate 44.

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