How do I know where my Soldier ranks in Army rank structure?

The simplest way to remember it, is if there are bars, leafs or stars on their chest, that Soldier is an officer. If there are chevrons of any kind, that Soldier is enlisted – the more chevrons, the higher ranking. See our rank chart for a detailed breakdown.

I don’t understand military time! Why can’t they just say 1 p.m.?

Military time is simple to understand, just remember to do the math from 12. It’s designed to be simple to say, remember and differentiate when describing missions that are time critical (which they all are). If you see something posted about a graduation ceremony being at 1400, subtract 12 from 14 and you’ll get 2. That means the ceremony is at 2 p.m.

We have a large family – how many people can we bring to our Soldier’s graduation?

There is no limit, but be aware that there will be other large groups there as well and seating is limited. You do not need a ticket to go to graduation.

How will I find my Soldier after graduation?

Agree to a meeting place ahead of time that is easily identifiable. Though you may not know the area, instruct your Soldier to stay to one side or the other in order to help eliminate some of the chaos.

Should I take pictures of my Soldier and his comrades?

Yes! This is highly encouraged as this is his/her first introduction to the Army lifestyle and the Army is a ‘small world’. He or she will likely want to keep in touch with the people they just spent 10 weeks with. Be aware, though, time will most likely be limited. You will also want to take pictures of that buddy who doesn’t have family or friends at the ceremony. His loved ones will appreciate the time you take out to do this.

What can we do after graduation?

Typically, your Soldier will be allowed to go off post after graduation to spend time with you, but they will need to stay in uniform, so they will be under watch by other Soldiers and civilians who understand the culture. That means that they will be held to the same standard as they were on post, and the PDA rule still applies. It’s also a nice gesture to invite Soldiers who do not have friends or family at graduation to eat dinner with you. After all, these buddies are now your Soldier’s family too. Finally, be sure to arrive back on post early to make sure that your Soldier is not late for any formations.

What else do I need to know about Fort Sill?

Fort Sill has a lot of general regulations specific to the post that all Soldiers and civilians should know, understand and follow. These are simple things related to military courtesies, uniforms, working out on post and acceptable attire. Be sure to check out the Ft. Sill Bluebook for more information.

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